Jamie Hawkesworth ‘A short pleasurable journey pt 2’ exhibit

The second part to photographer Jamie Hawkesworth’s 2016 exhibition opens today at 1-7 Aylesbury st.  This time the work concentrates on just three weeks he spent in Floresti, Romania.  The first part of his exhibition documented Jamie’s travels around the world, including both fashion editorials as well as personal photography, for the second part he has chosen to focus on one single place.  He discovered Floresti after the conductor of the London Symphony School Orchestra invited him to accompany them on a tour of Romania when Jamie was searching for an orchestra to produce a score for a film he was working on.  “We ended up in Floresti and I just loved the place”.  
The exhibition is intended for the viewer to feel as close to Hawkesworth’s time in Florești as possible. “When someone walks around the show, in the most honest way, I really do want them to feel like they’re by my side plodding along and taking pictures of things,” he says.  Jamie last spent time focusing on just one place back in 2010 when he produced the series on Preston Bus Station entitled ‘Preston is my Paris’.  Reflecting on his past in the exhibitions notes he writes:  “Learning photography is like learning to speak when you’re a child. You copy your parents, people you admire, then you create your own voice. It’s a language that’s constantly evolving with your experience.”
Speaking to the British Journal of Photography Hawkesworth explained that he awoke each morning at sunrise at Floresti and set off with no predetermined plan. The routine echoed the nature of his practice at the very start of his career. The photographer would embark on long, aimless walks to take pictures; on the weekend, he would pick a place by whim and catch the train there to explore. “I made a blog called Jaunt,” he says. “It was a very strange blog, but Jaunt in the dictionary means a ‘short, pleasurable journey’.” 
A short pleasurable journey, Part 2 runs 10am – 6pm, 17th – 27th May at 1-7 Aylesbury St, London EC1R0DR
Jamie Hawkesworth in conversation with Lou Stoppard for ShowStudio May 2017  here

Honey Dijon x Comme de Garçons fashion collaboration

Japanese label Comme de Garçon is partnering with American DJ & producer Honey Dijon.  Adrian Joffe, Dover Street Market president, announced the partnership to WWD, saying they were working together on a new brand set to be called ‘Honey Fucking Dijon’.  Honey Dijon expressed her joy on the partnership on Instagram saying “As a trans woman of colour I’d never imagined that this would be possible.  Thank you @adrianjoffee @commedesgarcon for allowing me to represent my culture, community and love of house music.  I am truly honoured”.
The first products will be a small collection of DJ bags and T-shirsts and are set to launch in the late summer.  Dijon will be following in fellow DJ Peggy Gou who has her own label ‘Kirin’ which is in collaboration with the New Guards Group, who also own the Off-White Label.
Comme des Garçon website    Honey Dijon Boiler Room Mix