Jeremy Scott for Moschino channels Madonna’s Express Yourself for Milan AW18

For Jeremy Scotts latest Moschino AW18 collection, the designer has pushed the boundaries of gender fluidity, and created a collection full of dominatrix and provocativeness which gives a big nod to Madonna, particularly her Express Yourself tour, whose costumes were originally designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. “For this collection, I wanted to play around with the idea of mixing masculine and feminine in an assertively subversive way. So as well some overt dress codes of gender – maybe pent-up pinstripe suiting for her, florals, lace and frou-frou for him.” said Scott after the show. “People are in control of their sexuality and the way they want to look; you’re owning your own power.” As well as the Madonna references the collection contained trench coats with Moschino’s text heavy motifs, and also major references to the punk era with printed safety pin graphics and leather studded trousers.  The finale was what was dubbed the ‘Tandem Tux’, the jacket tails twisted like a partial Möbius strip between a couple who were otherwise shirtless, although in such a way that breasts proved irrelevant. 
Jeremy Scott – Designer

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