Rick Owens ‘Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman’ retrospective Milan

A Rick Owens retrospective has opened in the Triennale Design Museum , Milan, showcasing the last 20 years of the designers fashion & furniture design work as well as some of his many collaborations.  Owens, originally from California but now Paris based, has described the exhibit as a personal narrative and is the first time he has held a full retrospective across all the design elements he chooses to work with.  Owens has curated a selection of garments, accessories, furniture, graphics and publications that chart the ebbs and flows — both intimate and professional — of his prolific career. “I wanted to take what a dismissive world might mock,” Owens describes of his desire to mount this show, “and create something fine, empathetic, kind and inclusive.”  Launching in 1994, Owens quickly became known for his skate / gothic glamorous style operating from Hollywood Boulevard and moved to Paris to set up an atelier in 2003.  
Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman Triennale di Milano  Dec 15 – March 25 
Rick Owens – Designer

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