Marc Jacobs bootleg collaboration with Artist @avanope

Ava Nirui (@avanope) is the latest DIY bootlegger to do a collaboration with a high end fashion brand.  Nirui is known for poking fun at fashions obsession with labels and has produced fake branded products, including Marc Jacobs, which are showcased on her Instagram account.  The one piece collection is a hoodie which, after Marc Jacobs design team informed her people were always spelling his name wrong, has his name misspelled across the front.  “The team informed me that people often misspell ‘Marc Jacobs’ and I was thrilled as that played into the narrative,” said Nirui. “The spelling and est. date are so close to being correct, but not quite.”  Taking inspiration from fake high-end pieces that she sees on the streets in New York, the scrawled writing looks like it was drawn on with a Sharpie but is actually embroidered. “Marc Jacobs and the team were extremely open-minded and trusting of me, it was very rewarding working with them.”
Ava Nirui & Marc Jacobs Hoodie available Dec 4th  follow Ava @avanope 

Ava Nirui – Designer, Blogger, Artist



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