SHOWstudio open pop up illustration exhibition

Award winning fashion website SHOWstudio have created a pop up exhibition showcasing their impressive archive of fashion illustrations the studio has accumulated over the years.  During the exhibition a series of illustrators will also take up residency in the space, allowing visitors to watch them work.  “SHOWstudio has consistently pushed the boundaries of communicating fashion and all stages of the process. Throughout the years, as a key advocate of Fashion Illustration, SHOWstudio has gathered a community of the most exciting emerging and established illustrators and commissioned a variety of unique and collectable artworks for its seasonal collections coverage and for special projects”.  Visitors will also be given the chance to sit in on one of the SHOWstudio panel discussions.
SHOWstudio pop up.  15 Floral St. WC2E 9DH     Mon – Fri 11 – 7  Sat 11 – 5

Nick Knight – Photographer & Founder SHOWstudio


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