Burberry to host exhibition celebrating British Photography

To celebrate the September 2017 Collection, Burberry are to introduce a photography exhibition, to take place at there new show space ‘Old Sessions House’, Clerkenwell, London.  The show is curated by CEO Christopher Bailey, the director of Claire de Rouen Lucy Moore and co-curated by British photographer & Burberry collaborator Alasdair McLellan.  The show, entitled ‘We Are Here’ will include over 30 social and documentary photographers including Ken Russell, Matin Parr and Shirley Baker.  Christopher Bailey launched the exhibition on Instagram saying “When we started thinking about curating Here We Are, I knew I wanted it to celebrate a certain strand of British photography that I have always loved – one which documents the many and varied tribes and clans and classes that make up this island of ours. It has been an extraordinary privilege to gather together this collection of photographs, that have influenced me so much over the years”.  The exhibition will also include a special celebration of the work of Burberry collaborator Alasdair McLellan, exhibiting his largest collection of photographs yet.  
Exhibition runs Sept. 18th to Oct. 1st

Alasdair McLellan – Photographer


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