Single Shot – Stefano Pilati

Speaking to Vogue Voices:
“If you are a creative person, the urgency to create is already a pressure.  And you live with that.  You wake up in the morning with that pressure.  You go to bed at night with that pressure.  So, you don’t need to add pressure from people that might want to add pressure for the wrong reasons.  When you are in a city were everybody pretends they can have an opinion without necessarily being creative, it can make you feel very vulnerable, and what you can absorb, in fact, contains a lot of useless messages.  So the fact that I stepped away is very refreshing.  I live out of my own vibe, whatever I want to do I do it and i’m much more clearer about where I want to go and what I want to do.  Respecting my timing with my pace.”
Stefano Pilati – Fashion Designer

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