Single Shot – Jefferson Hack

John Paul Pryor (web summit) – “Style over Fashion, Fashion over Style.  What does Style mean to you?
Jefferson Hack – “That word style is so associated with the 80’s, its just panic when you hear that word.  It is accosted with elitism, its accosted with anti-democratic values, its kind of a point of difference, its not inclusive, but actually if you really think about it style is key, it is key to all creative process.  If you don’t have a style about the way you write, about the way you take photographs, about the way you design a product, if style isn’t intrinsic in your process it doesn’t have your mark.  It won’t have your touch.  It won’t have your point of view.  And therefor it is just homogeneous.  Without style you are bland.  I think Bukowski put it really well in his poem ‘Style’ – ‘Style is everything.  A fresh way to approach a dull and dangerous thing’.  I take my cue from Charles Bukowski  when it comes to style, more Charles Bukowski and less Tom Ford. 
Jefferson Hack – Co-founder Dazed Media

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