Single Shot – Olivier Zahm

Lou Stoppard (ShowStudio) – “Let me start by asking you about how you present yourself and how you look.  You have a very defined style, talk to me about your look”
Olivier Zhan – “It is very difficult to define who you are, can you do that?  Its not easy, you are always questioning who you are.  And I think part of being who you are, being alive and being creative is to be unsatisfied with who you are.  So, I am not very good at defining myself, you know, when you have to fill in a form and it says “what do you do?” I always have a blank moment.  I am an editor, I am also an art critic in a way, I was, then I wasn’t anymore but am coming back to writing, I do photography, I edit a magazine, i’m an arbitrator sometimes for money and the way I dress is extremely simple.  It is a uniform for everyday.  Fashion is the enemy for a man.  When you become too obsessed by fashion, as a man, you lose time and energy”
Olivier Zham – editor-in-chief Purple Fashion Magazine

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